Pili Carrera

Pili Carrera is a leader in the production and distribution of children’s wear, offering under one brand – Pili Carrera – its collections for newborns, babies, girls, boys, childcare, furniture and a line of cosmetics for babies.

All production is produced and distributed from our headquarters in Pontevedra to monobrand network stores and multibrand stores in the world. The company currently possesses a sales network of monobrand stores present in Spain, China, Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, U. A. Emirates, the U.S.A, Angola and Venezuela.

The company traces its roots back to 1963 when the Carrera family began to make knit garments for babies. After a remarkable process of growth, in 1980 the boys and girls collections were added. The initiation of exportation to the main foreign markets in 1987 and the opening of the first monobrand store in Vigo in 1991 also marked important milestones for the company. From this point on the company continued its process of expansion in the domestic and international markets, launching its first collection of Childcare and Furniture in 1997.

Its well-established presence in Spain through a series of monobrand stores, the label’s recognition in the different market and its products’ high levels of quality have made Pili Carrera a top name around the world.