Piel de Toro

Since 1995, the Sevillian clothing brand Piel de Toro has adopted the style of Andalusia’s tradition to combine it with the most modern and contemporary designs. It has turned these values into a way to feel fashion, into a style

DSC9001-copia-1Piel de Toro is marketed through the brand Piel de Toro S.L.

Quality and design blend in with color in each one of their garments, providing a distinctive personality for the whole family.

Its brand positioning is achieved through a set of values defined by:

– Emphasis in quality and constant innovation.
– Our land’s heritage and culture shape a distinctive style.
– Passion for the charismatic idiosyncrasy of Spain.
– Dynamism, freshness, optimism and joy as a way of life.

Its target clients are working men and women, aged between 30 and 45, who are friendly, love the environment in which they live, have a healthy lifestyle linked to sports and feel more proactive thanks to clothing.

1277451_10151925194799180_1091135054_oAt present, it has 62 points of sale distributed throughout 7 countries and a workforce of more than 150 people spread around the world.

PDT-SS14_L_25211Its structure incorporates the design of a wide line of clothing whose distribution is made through own stores, corners and franchises placed in the best locations of major cities, offering an architectural image that reinforces the creative and stylistic values of the brand.