D-due was born from a family business that began its path in the sixties as a high performance tailoring workshop for woman. Since then until nowadays the extreme quality of our garments has served as the distinctive of our company. The brand was defined in the nineties and, subsequently in 2010, the creation D-due LAB  complemented it. Both brands have a unique personality and they strongly commit to creative design.

D-due is a very close to couture collection where the pattern designing is fundamental.  As a singular project, the garments approach to plastic and artistic concepts, reinterpreting them in each collection in an ironic way and with a pronounced poetic character.

D-due LAB is the perfect complement to D-due. Very sensitive to the spirit of “Life Style”, this collection is made mainly using natural fibres. Supported by the illustration in the garment, it is the graphic version of D-due. The spirit of reconciliation with the nature and the natural processes make LAB a proposal where the drawing personalize austere but touching garments, configuring a result independently of current fashions.