We design, produce and install spaces that improve our clients´ brand experience and sales, at stands and in retail


To achieve this, we combine a solid understanding of our clients, business models and distribution channels with our excellent design, production and project management capabilities.



Today , brand intheraction is crucial for product sales and exposure. When

dealing with physical spaces, there are two major considerations

  • Stands: That set you apart from the competition and facilitate commercial relationships and  the presentation of new products.
  • Points of sale: Aimed at the client, interactive, experiential… These could be shops, pop up stores, displays, corners, or shopping centres.

Companies must strive to use these spaces to create a unique brand experience because this is when they are closest to their clients.


The point of sale is the homestretch in any marketing strategy.

In retail, BRS develops:

  • Global shop and franchise concepts
  • Corners to introduce the brand in sale areas
  • Display fittings
  • Pop up stores and their usage for expansion and growth
  • Shops and commercial modules for high traffic spaces (shopping centres, airports…)


For more than 10 YEARS, we have designed and built stands for all types of businesses (IBEX 35, cosmetic, industrial, pharmaceutical, fashion, food, telecommunication, insurance, energy…), we have won design awards and become true partners of our clients.

BRS is a company which always strives for excellent in all its projects. We have our own production, design studio and capacity for the international management of projects.