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Article by Miguel Otero, General Manager of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, published in the Expansión financial newspaper on 20th July 2007 as part of a special report on the “Most International Spanish Companies”. Miguel Otero upholds the needs for supporting Spanish brands as the best means of winning the fight for competitiveness and gaining the loyalty of international customers.

Faced with a micro-economic vision of international trade which analyses the number of Spanish companies with some kind of overseas presence, Miguel Otero supports the idea of focusing on brands, leaning on those companies which have decided to make the move into international markets with a decisive bid for the brand as a strategic asset. The FMRE’s General Manager is of the opinion that “the fight for global competitiveness is based on the construction and development of a more and more concentrated number of brands, which allow the identification and differentiation of products and services offered by companies and earn the loyalty of clients, consumers and end users.”

For this reason, the Leading Brands of Spain Forum has developed a project known as the Spanish Brand Architecture, which offers a different view of our issue with overseas competitiveness, based on the degree of international implantation of national brands.

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