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On 21st March, coinciding with the AGM of the Leading Brands of Spain Association and the presentation of the Ambassador Brands Plan to the Spanish Trade Administration, the Expansion financial newspaper published a seven-page report on the Leading Brands of Spain Forum. This report looks at the origin, objectives and projects of FMRE, paying special attention to the situation of the Spain Brand in the world and the best practices of some of the Spanish brands with the best international repute and recognition.
The first part of this detailed report focuses on analysing the difference between the reality of Spain and the image it portrays overseas, and on how the Spain Brand should base itself on the image of the leading Spanish brands, which have over recent years become true reference points on an international scale. On page 2, Expansion reflects on one of the most important initiatives from the Leading Brands of Spain Forum: the appointment of Honorary Ambassadors of the Spain Brand, people or institutions of recognised international prestige who contribute to improving the image of Spain around the world. In 2004 the appointed Ambassadors were Ferrán Adrià, Amancio Ortega, Valentín Fuster, Juan Antonio Samaranch, Severiano Ballesteros, José Carreras and El País; while in 2006 the role was awarded to Javier Solana, Rafael del Pino, the Hola Group, Pedro Luis Alonso, Pedro Almodóvar, Joan Massagué and Real Madrid. The official appointment of this second wave of Ambassadors will take place towards the end of this year.
The following pages of this extensive report give a short profile of some of the most international Spanish brands, such as Lladró and Freixenet (page 3), Torres and Borges (page 4) Iberdrola and Zara (page 5). Finally, the Expansión special mentions the work of the main institutions involved in this project, concluding with a page analysing the origin and raison d’être of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, an institution which has managed to become a benchmark organisation for the promotion of Spain and its brands.
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