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13-page special report in the July issue of the Capital financial magazine. This large report analyses the situation of the Spain Brand in the world and the international image of Spain and, in particular, of its brands. As a benchmark institution in the area of strengthening Spain’s international image, the report stresses the work of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum.

The Spain Brand or, in other words, the overseas image of Spain has improved considerably over recent years, something which has been helped in particular by the work of leading Spanish brands present on major overseas markets and with a reputation for quality and prestige which have been established as role models. The Leading Brands of Spain Forum, as an institution responsible for channelling and informing on these best practices among Spanish brands, is working very hard to continue improving the Spain Brand. As a benchmark institution in the field, the Capital magazine bases this large report on the work of FMRE and the example of leading Spanish brands in order to build up a high-quality Spain Brand. The report also suggests that the challenge now lies in the association of best practices by Spanish brands with the “Made in Spain” concept, something which is still not always the case.

Under the title, “Spain Reinforces its Brand”, Capital magazine analyses the current situation of the Spain Brand and uses FMRE as a basis for this. This not only reports on FMRE’s latest studies and projects, but also draws frequently on the opinions of Miguel Otero, General Manager of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, as one of the main experts in Spain on this matter.

Furthermore, the report places considerable emphasis on the transformation of the Spain Brand over recent years and how some of the major Spanish brands have contributed to this, including an individual analysis of these brands. The Honorary Ambassadors of the Spain Brand, an initiative by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, also receives significant coverage in this report, recognising the important role which these personalities and institutions can – and indeed do – play in the creation of a credible and high-quality Spain Brand.

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