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One of the statutory objectives of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum (FMRE) is that of “contributing to awareness of the strategic role of brands in all decision-making areas – public and private, national and international»». For this reason FMRE has organised, over the course of this year, together with the Expansion financial newspaper, a series of monthly debates under the general title “Brand Strategy and Management”. Up to now, the newspaper has published a total of eight of these debates, in which different experts and Spanish brand representatives exchange opinions on different brand-related topics, from “Managing the company’s main intangible asset” to “The importance of design in brand management”, or the role of FMRE in defending Spanish brands. Other topics of discussion have been creative strategies and brand acquisition, legal protection for trademarks and brands, the effect of globalisation, brand evaluation and finance, incentive for internationalisation… Although there is still a lot to get through, the conclusion is that brands and the Spanish administration are doing well, both in professional brand management and in joint collaboration between the companies and the authorities in support of brand internationalisation. This is not only good for the Spanish economy and its foreign sector, but will also help to strengthen the image of Spain and, in short, the creation of a “Spain Brand” at international level.
The debates, which have been published on a double page spread in the Expansión newspaper, a key publication in the Spanish press, have focused on Spanish brands and their internationalisation process as a key factor for the competitiveness of the Spanish economy. With the final debate due to be published in December of this year, this initiative has been well received by the readers, and FMRE and Expansión plan to continue it during 2007, dealing with new themes regarding brands. This series of debates has been organised with the help of sponsorship from the brand consultancy, Interbrand; the Tax and Legal Advisory Services, Garrigues; ICEX and the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM), in addition to close collaboration with the Spanish Association for the Defense of Trademarks (ANDEMA) and the business school members of FMRE: IESE, Instituto de Empresa Business School, ESADE and EOI.
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