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With a strongly business-orientated training at the IESE Business School – University of Navarra and the IE Business School in Madrid, if there is one word that describes Daniel Redondo Esteban, it is “Entrepreneur”. At the age of just 24 he founded MADISON Experience MARKETING with a business concept based on customer services. 25 years on, the company has over 1,800 employees and 5 different business lines offering comprehensive marketing services to clients. A qualitative leap that emerged from the spirit of innovation and creativity that Daniel transmits to his company.

His passion: sport and sporting values, true values. Team spirit, competitive and collaborative spirit. These are the identifying traits that he applies to his business which includes sports marketing in its areas of activity.

Madison has four different lines of business: Madison Agency, Madison BPO Contact Centre, Madison Market Research and Madison Sports Marketing. How is brand image managed? Do you use the same strategy for all of them, or are they run separately?

Our brand image is based on a single strategy that has positioned us as a benchmark group at national and international level in marketing services. It is true that it often not easy to express the particularities of each business area under the same umbrella, but our differential value lies in our multi-disciplinary nature, and it allows us to offer end to end services and solutions for our clients’ customer journey. Our philosophy is to create positive experiences that make the difference.

What are the competitive advantages of your company over its rivals? And what is your strategy for differentiating yourselves from the competition?

The main competitive advantage at Madison is precisely the make-up of the group as it revolves around four business units where each one works in its own competitive environment allowing us to undertake global projects. Also, in line with current trends in digital transformation, as an innovative company, we have created Digitel TS, a company offering digital contract solutions.

Our vision of business is always to give priority to the long term and this is why we have such a high level of customer loyalty. There are hardly any brands that only use us for a single task – almost 90% repeat year after year.

Another relevant competitive advantage valued by our customers is service and proximity. The human factor was one of our initial challenges. We needed to find the necessary talent to reach the demanding goals that we had set ourselves, and today we have great professionals who can face any challenge that may arise.

You have an office in Peru. Why did you choose that market?

Peru was the first South American country that Madison opted for and over time we it would seem we have made a good choice.

At the beginning, when we started this operation, we chose Peru because it was a relevant country in the region because of its potential and its social and economic conditions. We also saw that its market needs were perfectly in line with the lines of business that we had successfully implemented in Spain, and at that point we made the strategic decision to export. These business units, independent but complementary, are: a market research area, a call centre and a communications and events agency.

It is also important to stress the openness that Peruvian businesses have shown to the services offered by MADISON in terms of strategic approach, innovation and cost-benefit.

You also work on every continent. In which markets are you most successful?

Naturally, this is also down to Madison’s commitment to Peru and the development of the region. We have made Peru our hub for all our future LATAM operations.

We have recently opened new offices in Miraflores, from which our 150+ collaborators are working and which will allow us to improve our internal coordination and to be much more flexible in our response. Additionally, we have a brand new focus room, and two auditoria with seating for 70 and 300 people respectively.

We have a multi-disciplinary client portfolio covering practically all sectors. Our short-term objective is to continue growing with our clients, as well as serving other South American countries from Peru.

Are all your lines of business operating abroad? How?

We have been working with the major companies on the Peruvian market for the past three years. Our position is secure as we have 3 business units, independent but complementary: a market research area, a call centre and a communications and events agency.

As well as our activity in LATAM, we are running other international projects, specifically focusing on customer experience for large companies.

Also, in the field of market research we are working on projects for the tourist industry such as PromPerú and Turespaña. In this sector we have also signed an agreement with the World Tourism Organisation to work together on the ‘Visitor Experience Management’ report.

Finally, in terms of sports sponsorship we have set up the International Padel Experience by MADISON, for which this year we received an award for the best amateur circuit by WorldPadelTour.

What are the challenges and opportunities facing the company both in Spain and abroad?

Times are changing, and this change is focused on digital transformation. That is the main challenge. The internal company management processes, events, human group profiles, measurement of user experiences, client contact, contracts… everything will be digital, and we are fully aware of this.

But if anything characterises us it is our passion for innovation and our collective desire to do better. We have already started on our journey, and we are looking forward to making this challenge our closest ally.

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