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Cayetano Belso is managing director of Grupo Artesa. He joined the company in 1988 as head of sales and then became responsible for other departments in the group, such as product development for our fashion and accessories line; finally, he also became general manager of our home furnishings line, Naturtex. 

Cayetano Belso is a Business Sciences graduate from the University of Alicante.

How important is the brand to your company’s strategy?

We believe the brand is fundamental to our company’s strategy and positioning in the home furnishings sector. Naturtex arose from a foundation already built by Artesa, a family business that started in the late 1950s with the manufacture of traditional sisal baskets. Our textile heritage (knowledge of the materials, processes, looms…) is our brand’s main value and identifying trait. Our evolution as a company reflects the enterprising spirit and go-getter attitude that have been passed down from generation to generation and are an essential part of Naturtex’s personality today.

What are Naturtex’s main advantages opposite the competition?

Our flexibility and adaptability, thanks to the fact that we’re a manufacturer, allow us to orient customers towards the best textile solutions for their interior and commercial architecture projects and personal use.

Naturtex has a dedicated team of employees who listen closely to our customers and respond and adapt to their requirements.  

A good example of this is our CUSTOM FIT Service. When we have a product to develop for a special project, it’s an exciting challenge for us. We put all our knowledge and experience in the textile world at the service of the most demanding creative professionals.

Where do you have a market presence and in what way?

As I mentioned earlier, we are an enterprising business that started in the 1950s weaving sisal baskets, and today, we can be found in singular spaces all over the world.

Through our export activities and significant presence at events and trade fairs, Naturtex is present in many major international cities, such as London, Paris, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong, through the different commercial structures we are achieving.

Which markets hold the greatest potential for the future?

We believe the markets with the greatest potential are the geographic areas where tourism is growing, along with some mature or developed markets whose hotels and public spaces require extensive refurbishment.

Independent of these potential markets, big cities will remain our priority due to their high concentration of architecture studios and projects.

What role does innovation play for a company like Naturtex?

Our products are the result of a creative balance between tradition and innovation. We enjoy experimenting with manufacturing processes and new materials, drawing on our extensive expertise and background in the world of design and fashion. The result is a unique and original offer in the textile goods sector.

If anything, we can be identified by our unusual blends of different materials, resulting in products as incredible and surprising as a rug created with a combination of paper fiber, steel, leather, and fabrics made with rope and braiding originally developed for other purposes.

What challenges does the company aim to meet in the next five years?

Our team is constantly thinking about new materials and how they can be used to create new fabrics, rugs, etc., or how to create an unusual blend that is surprising and suitable for new uses. Thanks to this legacy, together with our future-mindedness and constant innovation, Naturtex is a company that has remained true to its roots while embracing progress. Continuing to transmit our capabilities to potential clients and “physically landing” in some markets are our main challenges as a business. 

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