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Silvana has been involved in strategic customer projects, CRM and customer experience for various departments and in multiple sectors since 1998. Her main customers include leading car manufacturer, aviation, financial services, software provider, industrial manufacturing and healthcare brands. Her professional objective is to make Customer Centricity work in companies and to improve management leadership, processes, technology and talent management using unique methodologies created by Buljan & Partners Consulting.

Since 2011 she has acted as a primary judge for CRM Idol (USA), has mentored Customer Centric Management at PWN (Professional Women’s Network) since 2012; has been running the pioneering Customer Experience Management Programme with AEC since 2014 and specialises in Customer Centricity, Customer Experience, CRM, project management, organisational change and executive training and coaching.

What role does the brand play for a company like Buljan & Partners Consulting?

The brand is what represents us: our corporate values (Customer Commitment, Vocation, Responsibility, Progress and Diversity) which appear on our website, our logo in such a bright, dynamic colour as orange, which symbolises the impact we need to have on our customers, and our motto “Exceeding Expectations”, which reflects what we need to achieve with our customers: amazing them by exceeding the expectations they have of our company, which is the best way to make them satisfied and get them to recommend us.

What are the competitive advantages of Buljan & Partners Consulting over its rivals? And what is your strategy for differentiating yourselves from the competition?

We specialise in a consulting niche that aims to help our clients to be strategically oriented towards their own customers. With this in mind, all our efforts are focused on offering assistance in all areas that have an impact on customer experience: programmes for savvy leadership, talent management to foster a customer-centric culture, processes that make sense from the customer’s point of view, and technology at the service of the latter rather than the other way around. All these areas, along with a number of specific programmes for Customer Experience, are extremely useful for those companies seeking differentiation and sustainability with their customers on a long-term basis.

What are the keys to success in your internationalisation process and your main milestones in international affairs?

First of all, the choice of partner.
Right from the start, we have worked with multinational companies in Spain. This has often led us to work at their parent company, hence requiring freelancers who, over time, would become our partners. Today these partners are our offices in Germany and Portugal.

What are the challenges and opportunities facing the brand both in Spain and abroad?

The challenges and opportunities involve moving from a short-term mentality and a simple exchange of goods and services to an economy based on long-term customer experience and relations. This is demanded by customers, who want “something more” in their relations with businesses.

What trends do you see for the future with respect to ‘Customer Experience’? How is Buljan & Partners Consulting addressing such trends?

Trends in Customer Experience are those involving customer-centric transformation in all channels and throughout the entire customer journey, and not merely from a marketing perspective, given that after-sales will also play a key role; the cultural change that becoming a customer-centric company entails for managerial staff and employees; the effective implementation of customer-experience initiatives, along with measuring all touchpoints of the experience that might have an impact on innovation applied to customer experience.

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