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Corporate Vice-President of TOUS, member of the JORGC, Official Association of Jewelers, Metal smiths, Watchmakers and Gemologists of Catalonia and President of the Foundation Rosa Oriol. She joined the family business in 1985. Together with the management team, she suggested the company growth strategy by a system of affiliated companies, with the aim of creating a prestigious brand; in 1995, she created the marketing and communication department inside TOUS and in 1997, she organized the first training courses in TOUS for internal employees, for central and stores, which she is still coordinating.

How important is the branding in the global strategy of a company like Tous?              

For TOUS, the importance of the brand is vital and in our case it is synonymous of a very recognizable style that has reinterpreted the concept of luxury. He have succeeded in been well known in 40 countries as a funny brand for young spirit people. And also we have taken that concept not only to jewelery but also to purses, fragrances, watches, glasses and accessories. For TOUS, branding is everything.

At an international level, does Tous operate mainly with franchises, own stores, corners or multi-brand sales point? Why choosing one option or another on each market?

In 2012 worldwide, Spain inclusive, 42% of our sale points were franchises, 29% from our own and 29% a joint venture between a partner and us. The commercial model that we choose for each market depends greatly on the necessary resources to go into that market successfully. We look for the recipe that better adapts to the necessities. The commercial model most commonly applied in international markets is the franchise, because of the knowledge that our partners can give us about the country.

Which are the requirements demanded by Tous to franchise holders at international markets? What tools are necessary to be given to franchisee in order to become an effective manager of the brand?

We are looking for partners that have a big knowledge about local market, consumers, commercial places and local laws, among others. It is also very important for us that they have passion for the brand and want to make it grow. We sign an agreement in which we ask our partners to be committed to invest in actions to establish and enable the brand to grow continuously, to use/implement our official materials, for example our logo, corporate colors, packaging, advertising campaigns, catalogs, store props, store windows, presents for customers, and to respect our official store design. In case of having other proposals, we have established procedures of approval that the partner must follow. We also demand a sales and business evolution report.

It is important to highlight that we are looking for long term projects, and first of all for partners with whom we can establish a close collaboration based on confidence and proximity.

Which is the expansion strategy in Russia and why has it become an important market for the brand? To what kind of public is Tous aiming in these markets?

We got into Russia in 2010 and since then we have grown at very good level. In Russia, the economy is now booming and consumers want to buy. First and foremost, they are interested in acquire and take brands that give them some social status. We are aimed at those classes with a high purchasing power.

Which markets do you consider potential for TOUS for the next 3-5 years?

Certain areas of USA, as Florida, and various countries as Mexico -where our brand is present since 10 years-, Portugal, Russia and East Europe in general. Without forgetting, of course, the Spanish market where the brand experienced a double digit growth during the last four months of 2013.

How is the positioning of the brand at different countries to succeed in be adapted to the different consumers’ taste?

One of our keys to success was to open the market of high jewelery with the creation of a new concept, affordable luxury, in the eighties. We democratized the market when creating a new type of jewelery, with simple lines and easy to wear every day at an affordable price. We have been loyal to the concept in every country in which we are present. We also adapt our assortment according to preferences of each market. In Mexico, for example, our clients prefer big gold pieces while Japanese like smaller pieces and also show preference to white gold and diamonds. Our partners and sales evolution help us to decide the ideal assortment for each country and even for each store.

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