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Mercedes Perea has a Bachelor´s Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Complutense University in Madrid. In addition, she has a ‘Maîtrise de Gestion’ from the Paris IX University (Dauhpine) and an Executive MBA from the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. She completes her education with the “auditor and certified accountant” official certificate. After several years as auditor of large multinationals and almost 11 years as CFO, she is appointed Managing Director of Algoritmos, Procesos y Diseños, S.A. (APD).

What role does the brand play for a company like the APD Group?

Branding is really fundamental. In APD, we work on a daily basis to represent our core values in our brand, since the brand constitutes the best calling card for our company and a guarantee of success in the hypercompetitive worlds of ICT and engineering in which we operate.

We try every day to develop our brand in order to agglutinate all those identifiers by which we want our stakeholders to recognize us with.

Is the same brand used in all the sectors in which the Group operates?

In the last years, we are trying to rationalize the usage of our brand to strengthen it, by supporting and clarifying APD’s value proposal. Perhaps, the utilization of different brands for different sectors has not been very helpful when transmitting the kind of company we are. Aware of this fact, we definitely bet on a better and greater definition of our brand, through a more effective communication. Our objective is to facilitate the understanding to our domestic and foreign customers, positioning ourselves with a differentiated and relevant offer.

What comparative advantages of the APD Group would you highlight over its competitors?

We are a consolidated 100% Spanish capital company with more than 35 years in the market. With an extensive proven experience, I believe that our values make us unique compared to our competitors, especially against big size multinational companies. We offer high value added engineering solutions and innovation, adapted to the specific needs of our customers, offering turnkey projects that include consulting studies, installation, commissioning and the after sales service.

All this in such diverse sectors as security & defense, healthcare or public administration. We are recognized as a symbol of service, quality and reliability.

What is the implication of the internationalization in the strategic plan of the company?

APD has historically banked on export projects, what has enabled us to consolidate our existing presence in certain countries. As a company that develops its own technology and enjoys high R&D capabilities, we necessarily must strengthen the international markets.

I firmly believe that once our products or solutions are consolidated in the domestic market, growth will be fueled by the development of the company beyond our borders. In recent years, our business figures in foreign markets have matched the numbers in the domestic market, granting us not only stability in a very turbulent years in Spain, but also significant growth rates.

What challenges and opportunities does the brand face in Spain and abroad?

The fundamental challenge remains the need to transmit effectively our values through our brand and to associate it with the new products and high technology solutions developed during the last years. There are already German, Korean and Peruvian customers who appreciate our brand, nevertheless we still have a long way to go in this regard. A huge challenge that we certainly tackle with the greatest illusion every day.

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