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Over 20 years ago, four young professionals became aware of the important role technology would play in people’s leisure time in the not-too-distant future and they set up the company that we know today as Energy Sistem.

The market you move in is highly competitive. What strategy do you use to differentiate yourselves from the competition?

For us, differentiation and segmentation are crucial. In such a competitive industry as technology, you have to have a clear value proposition, know who your target is and try to stand out from the competition in order to be the consumer’s choice. “If you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being nothing to anyone.” And this is why we at Energy Sistem have chosen innovation and design as our unique selling points, so that we are the preferred choice of those people who have made technology a part of their everyday lives and are looking for high-quality products at competitive prices.

You base your internationalisation strategy on brand image. What brand image do you try to project in foreign markets? Do you use the same strategy as in Spain or do you have a separate strategy for every country?

At Energy Sistem, we believe that technology has no boundaries; we design products that are capable of stirring emotions in users the world over in order to make digital entertainment accessible to everyone everywhere. Today, we are engaged in an internationalisation process based on our brand image. This is a friendly and fun image that aims to be part of the everyday experiences of people who feel as passionate about technology as we do. All brand communication is focused on internationalisation. Both our website, which has been translated into five languages, and the different communications we issue (press releases, newsletters, etc.) are all tailored to the needs of each country.

What is more, our international team attends the world’s most important consumer technology trade shows in search of partners to sell and help promote our brand.

You have become one of Spain’s largest consumer electronics companies. What are the keys to your success?

We have always believed that the key to success is to make technology available to everyone and to be a reliable brand that offers users a quality guarantee. As a result, our team, comprised of more than 150 professionals, works tirelessly to create a strong brand with its own personality, which stands out from the rest, and is capable of creating experiences and emotional connections with consumers.

What role does innovation and branding play in company growth?

“Innovate to grow and grow to continue innovating.» This is the foundation on which our corporate philosophy is built and for which the team works day after day, as evidenced by the fact that 10% of total turnover is reinvested in the research and development of new devices. This has enabled us to continue adapting to the changes demanded by the market at an ever increasing pace and thus remain competitive.

Investing in R&D and Innovation is essential if you want to survive in an industry in which everything changes quickly and where competition is global and powerful. Furthermore, our medium size has allowed us to be extremely “agile” when it comes to decision-making, and each member of the team is involved in the process and can have a say and bring value to the end result.

How did you manage to link the brand with feelings and emotions?

At Energy Sistem we believe that the best thing about working in technology is being able to make complex things work simply. This is why we strive to make emotion present in every area and pay attention to the minutest details so that users can enjoy a complete experience from the moment they purchase a new product.

We like to say that the best technology is the one that turns into emotion, because people do not want to hear about gigas and processors, they want to listen to music, take great photos and videos and enjoy hundreds of apps, and all of this is reflected in attractive and colourful designs and marketing campaigns that aim to trigger experiences and bring the brand to our target – a young, urban audience interested in all forms of digital leisure, which is why we sponsor music and sports events that reinforce our values.

You have built up an on online community. How do you manage the brand’s online presence?

We know that our followers use online media and that if we want to connect with and listen to them, we have to be present in the communication channels they use. We devote time to this every day, as we try to create experiences that foster user engagement and make the user a part of the whole process. As a result, we have garnered more than half a million followers on Facebook, over 8 billion plays on YouTube and been selected as a case study by Google for Google+. We believe that the work of an online community manager entails more than the mere publication of posts on the different social media, he or she must also monitor every day the comments about the brand that appear on the Net and listen and respond to them as quickly as possible. Knowing what users think about the brand and the product is the first step in creating relationships with them, building loyalty and moving in the right direction. And as a result of this work, we were voted a role model for customer service in the TNS Fan Page Awards.

What challenges has the company set itself for the short to medium term?

We have just launched a new product line – a range of smartphones that aim to compete with the leading brands and which offer similar features at a competitive price. This project has been in the pipeline for more than a year and our most immediate challenge is to consolidate this new product family in the market, become a market leader and the first choice of brand for consumers.

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