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Jordi holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, as well as doctorate degrees from the COPCA INSTITUTION, via the CONNERT programme; in International Business Management from the ESADE Business School and in Sales and Marketing from the EADA Business School. He is also a graduate of the IESE Business School‘s Management Development Programme. After working as export manager at Skeyndor for 13 years, he was promoted to the position of CEO in January 2014.

  1. What promotional strategy is Skeyndor pursuing in international markets?

We are investing in the brand in the mass media, product launch events, public relations activities, both on and offline, and attending the most important trade shows in the industry.

  1. What role does brand image play in the internationalisation process? Would you say that innovation and the brand are the two pillars on which company strategy is based?

Yes, absolutely. We have an R&D department comprised of 11 people and we invest 3% of turnover in new developments, molecules; we also have agreements with universities for the development of new products. Constant reinforcement of the brand is essential, given that it is our mark of identity. Indeed, we «force» our international distributors to invest in annual media and PR activities and we measure the return on investment of promotions and advertising.

  1. How important is the recent announcement of the opening of markets like India and Brazil to the company?

Very important in the medium term because they are enormous markets with huge potential; having said that, they are still in their infancy and subject to instabilities, and huge tariff and other kinds of barriers, which result in high entry costs that will be hard to recover. In both cases, we have set up partnerships with importers in the destination market; these are more than simple distribution agreements, they are real partnerships based on a joint business plan for investment in the brand over the coming five years.

  1. What are Skeyndor’s competitive advantages over its rivals?

Rapid INNOVATION – we launch more than 30 new products a year; the cosmeceutical product concept combined with top quality and average prices. Our leitmotiv is “THE SCIENTIFIC SKINCARE” – Scientific cosmetics.

  1. What are the challenges facing the company over the next five years?

To continue with a very dynamic INNOVATION policy, improve brand positioning and, above all, gain market share at home and abroad.

  1. What are Skeyndor’s goals in relation to internationalisation?

To expand in more countries, be present in no less than 75 countries and especially in the largest and most prestigious markets such as the U.S., Brazil, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Russia, etc.; have excellent market share and be a key player in the sector.

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