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Javier Arnedo is currently Chief Marketing and Communications Director at EULEN Group. He holds a degree in Law from the University of Zaragoza and an EEC Diploma from the Escuela Diplomática (Diplomatic School). He also has an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa (IE). Previously, he held other senior positions such as Deputy Director General at SEUR, Manager at COEXPERT, Director of Marketing for the Business Association of Producers and Exporters of Rioja Wines, and market analyst at the Spanish Office for Trade in New Orleans (USA).

What have been the keys to success for the internationalisation of EULEN? And its main milestones?

The internationalisation of the EULEN Group began in the early 1990s but it was not until 1997 when we entered the Latin American market in a permanent way. Initially, we were there at the request of Spanish clients who required our services in the countries in which they operated. When they subsequently broke off their activities, we decided to remain and become part of the economic and social life of these countries as well as collaborating in their development. This was the primary key to our internationalisation because today we have numerous local clients, not only Spanish ones, and our firm has now become a benchmark as a provider of general and specialised services for companies. One of our recent milestones was in 2009 when we entered the US market with the acquisition of an airport handling company. Our offices are in Miami, and from there we manage the activities we have in various American states, in addition to Jamaica. We have also recently opened offices in Qatar to serve customers in that region, and we already operate in Libya and Oman.

What does the creation of EULEN Middle East mean for the international expansion strategy of the company?

A couple of years ago we decided to open in the Middle East because of the huge business opportunities it represented for us. This is a region where the market for outsourcing services and Facility Management Services is very young and it is where we want to become a benchmark in the sector.

What markets do you consider have the greatest potential for EULEN over the next 3-5 years?

The market with the greatest potential for us right now is Latin America. Currently it is the more conventional services that are being offered but, increasingly, companies and clients demand more specialised ones and so in this regard there is still a lot that can be done. It is a market where there are many local companies that are fierce competition for us, but when a client requires a range of services or coverage in several cities or areas, we are able to offer more capabilities and advantages because of the huge strength a large Group like us has behind it.

What challenges and opportunities does EULEN face both in Spain and abroad?

Our main challenges are focused on innovation, the generation of new and innovative services that our clients demand, and the solving of any daily problems that may arise for them. Moreover, this must be accompanied by an increase in the quality of services, something that has been a core trait of ours since the outset. Among our opportunities we should highlight international expansion, either by ourselves or via strategic alliances with important leading international partners.

What role does brand play for a company like EULEN?

In our case it should identify the provider of the service while at the same time be synonymous with a leading company in the sectors in which it operates. It should also be synonymous with business confidence, the economic strength of a large multinational group, and a number of characteristics that consolidate it as a leading company.

Is the same brand used for each of the 9 lines of business in which the Group operates?

All of them are part of the EULEN umbrella group although many of them have their own «name» that identifies the activity on which their service is focused. This is the case of EULEN Cleaning, EULEN Security, EULEN Food, EULEN Pharma, EULEN FS&M, etc. Most of them use the corporate colours of the company, while others such as EULEN Security includes the colour red as it makes it easily identifiable within its sector.

What comparative advantages does EULEN have that you would highlight over its competitors?

We are the only supplier able to offer all the services that a client may require from a single provider, and specifically we can offer over 60 in which we are highly specialised and professional.

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