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Enrique Picó is the chairman of GRUPO O, founder and CEO of Dicom Events and partner and founder of the other companies in the aforementioned group. He is a born entrepreneur who has been engaged in the world of design and temporary architecture since the age of 23. However, it was in 1997 that he began his current business venture: he set up the first company in Grupo O and is still at the helm, with vision and the business motto: “Where there is an opportunity, you have to create the means. And the means are generated by creating companies”.

Building Brands’ are the first words you see when you visit the Grupo O website. Why do you think it is important to build a brand and what role does the brand play at Grupo O?

The brand transcends the company itself. A brand is a set of values, an identity and a perception of itself. It has an emotional significance, which is why we at Grupo O help build brands for the companies who trust in us. And we build them at different levels and using our different areas of expertise (architecture, communication, events, audiovisuals, etc.). For us, the Grupo O hallmark is an umbrella brand that comprises different brands, each with its own distinctive features, values and service offering.

What is the Group’s competitive advantage over its rivals? And what is your strategy for differentiating yourselves from the competition?

What stands out about Grupo O are its values: creativity, quality, safety, efficiency, multidisciplinarity and responsibility in budgetary matters. Having companies from different industries in the group creates synergy and optimises own resources, which in turn allows us to offer direct and immediate solutions to every need, while providing guarantees and instilling confidence in our customers. We strive to strengthen and reinforce these advantages internally by training the different teams, and reflect them in each of the projects we carry out. Our values are also a plus for our customers.

How do you manage the brand image of each of the companies in the group? Do you pursue the same or a separate strategy for each company?

Grupo O is a House of Brands and our communications department strives to make the brand image of each company in the group closer and more uniform, while respecting and highlighting the idiosyncrasies and differential values of each one. It is about conveying individual essence within a group environment.  

What are the challenges and opportunities facing the group both in Spain and abroad?

Grupo O is working hard to successfully meet the challenges posed by internationalisation: we are increasingly committed to technology and innovation as these are the driving forces behind growth in every business. We are managing our ability to adapt to constant change in all areas and are building an internationalisation culture in the different companies of the group so as not to miss out on any business opportunities abroad, which seem to be passing more and more quickly. It is a fact that we have come out of the economic crisis better organised, stronger, more competitive, and with the ability to gain market share in our different industries at home and, most especially, abroad.

What are your main milestones when it comes to internationalisation?

One of the highlights and turning points in our internationalisation process was when we became one of the Brands with High International Potential of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum. Being in contact with Spain’s largest exporters is a wonderful experience. The opportunity to network and benefit from the knowledge that they have acquired through years of having to adapt to and being successful in highly complex markets is motivating and serves as a guideline for our own internationalisation experience.

In your opinion, what market has greatest potential for the Group in the next three to five years?

We are consolidating our position in the European market, where we have developed quickly and where we continue to work hard to secure new customers and be successful. Other markets that have very interesting potential and which can bring us good results are, for the time being, the U.S. and South America, where we have found very productive support points and received a wonderful welcome, which will no doubt give us the motivation to continue along this road.

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