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The June 2nd issue of the economic newspaper, Expansión, featured an article on Spanish brands in China and summarised the main points raised at the “Why Spanish brands need the Chinese market” conference, which was organised by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum and the Industrial Organization School and held at the headquarters of the latter on April 29th last. The article pointed out that nobody today doubts that China is now a priority for Spanish brands. Fernando Salazar, economic and commercial counsellor at the Spanish Embassy in Beijing, described it as “A market that is becoming increasingly accessible and western”, going on to say that “little by little, we are making progress in China”. The Chinese economy has been growing at a rate of 10% over the past thirty years, although “it has now cooled down somewhat”, said Salazar. This growth rate “has not only reduced poverty, but it has also transformed society to the extent that inhabitants are leaving the countryside and thronging to the cities”. The article also looked at matters of interest to companies looking to enter the Chinese market, such as the problem of counterfeiting and the forms of association with local companies. It also discussed in detail the experiences of the large Spanish companies that participated in the conference, which included Cola-Cao, Real Madrid, Irizar, Mango, Torres and Técnicas Reunidas.

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