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On 23 July, the financial newspaper Expansión published a full page spread on the conclusions of the debate held earlier this month at the head offices of the Madrid Business Institute on the topic America: a challenge awaiting Spanish companies. The Expansión article focuses on the current situation and opportunities.

The main conclusion of the debate was that Spanish companies have not yet got a proper foothold in the US market – the world´s most profitable territory – which they describe as being virtually uncharted by our businesses.

The debate group included: Jesús Salazar, the Chairman of SOS-Cuetara: Felipe Aizpún, the General Manager of Caceres; Ismael Fernández, the Director of Marketing and Communication at Carrera & Carrera, Carlos Ordás, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Applus +; as well as Alfredo Fraile, Director of Interbrand Marketing, and Enrique Verdeguer, Director of Promoting Technological and Industrial Products at the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade.

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