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The El País newspaper published two articles on brands in its edition on Saturday 28 February. The first of the two, in the Empresas (Companies) supplement, analyses the future of brand and highlights their role as one of companies’ main strategic assets. The second, in the Vida & Artes (Life & the Arts) section, studies the phenomenon of stores’ own brands.

Under the heading El futuro de las marcas (the future of brands), the article published in the Empresas supplement insists on the importance of building strong brands as the “main source of competitive advantage”.

The article La marca blanca se impone en la guerra del súper (Own brands gain ground in the supermarket wars) reviews the role of stores’ own brands in distribution, and highlights the decision taken by some chains to eliminate references to brands and the restrictions on freedom that this implies for consumers.

Both articles can be consulted in the attached PDF files.

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